Grisha aka naspeh


I’m a pyhton developer living in Yaremche, Ukraine. I love python and its Zen. I write my code and writings in my awesome VIM. I use cool tiling window manager named i3. I work on lightweight and flexible Arch Linux and like its way.

The best way to contact me is by email naspeh[at]

My projects

Mailur – aims to become a powerful Gmail-inspired webmail.

Tider – lightweight time tracker (GTK+). I use it to understand how much time I spend on which activities while I am working on computer. And it also reminds me to take a break.

Pusto – the source code of this site.

Napokaz – a lightweight viewer of images from picasaweb. It is a jQuery plugin without any other dependencies. It’s been used on this site (for example on trips page).

Naya (outdated) – an experimental attempt to develop microframework based on Werkzeug without any other required dependencies. It was started when Flask was still a single file.

All code and other projects you can find on github.