Grisha Kostyuk, experienced python developer


naspeh[at] // Yaremche, Ukraine // only remote

I’m a python developer with over a decade of experience in web development. I’m especially strong in back-end development, pretty good in deployment and automation, occasionally I can do modern front-end.

I usually choose fewer abstractions to be closer to the low layer. I’m perfectionist and I like to optimize, automate, improve maintainability of existing code bases.

Between jobs I usually work on personal projects.
I’m proud of Mailur – a lightweight webmail inspired by Gmail.
More projects are here or on github page.
Technologies I’ve been actively using:
  • Python since Oct 2009;
  • PostgreSQL and Redis since Mar 2012;
  • Git since Dec 2009;
  • Linux since Jul 2008;
  • Containers since Aug 2014; (docker a bit, lxc, systemd-nspawn)
  • Shell scripting periodically since 2011;
  • JavaScript periodically since 2009;
  • CSS/HTML periodically since 2006.

Python developer since October 2009

09.2016 – 10.2017 (open source tools for journalism, remote)
python developer and DevOps; was working on Superdesk; quickly became responsible for testing instances; developed from scratch Fireq a tool for CI, deployment and single-line installation of Superdesk and related projects, before creating Fireq I collected requirements over the team and did research of existing tools (LXC have been used in production, so it also uses LXC and has great integration with Github).
11.2015 – 06.2016 (remote, via Upwork)

postgres and python developer; helped in development and migration of new database; developed internal API for one of sub-project; developed initial version of synchronization with one of external providers.

Technologies: PostgreSQL, psycopg2, jsonschema, pytest

08.2014 – 08.2015 (Estonian travel startup, remote)

full stack developer; reworked and improved booking process; improved transaction emails; introduced new RESTfull API for mobile applications; introduced orchestration system based on ansible & docker when moving from one server provider to another; introduced failover server with PostgreSQL and Redis replication; introduced real-time monitoring system based on grafana, influxdb, collectd.

Technologies: Django, PostgreSQL, Redis, Ansible, Docker.

01.2012 – 04.2013 (hotel booking service)

python developer; improved booking process, reworked database of orders and payments; repaired and then optimized unit and integration testing; preached TDD.

Technologies: Django, PostgreSQL, Redis.

02.2011 – 01.2012 (remote)

full stack developer; developed few services in small separated teams; main javascript developer in one of project (Google Chrome plugin).

Technologies: Django, Flask, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, jQuery.

12.2009 – 01.2011 (remote)

full stack developer; developed several services in small teams with TDD practice.

Technologies: Django, MySQL, jQuery

Other Employment History

02.2009 – 09.2009 Ardas Group; Java web developer.
03.2007 – 02.2009 ArtLab (remote); PHP developer.
11.2006 – 03.2007 Zebra; PHP developer.


2000 – 2005 Dnipropetrovsk National University
Master, Mechanical Mathematics


I love my family. I really like mountains and Chinese tea. I’ve been thinking a lot about meaning of life.

I don’t smoke and don’t drink any alcohol.